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Patch notes: 2021-01-08
by [Admin] wave and smile
[Admin] wave and smile
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Patch notes: 2021-01-08

Patch notes: 2021-01-08

We added

  • You will now recieve 2 donate points per character randomly during a 24 hour period.
  • You can now toggle treasure chest looting on and off with command: !treasure on/off
  • You can now toggle safemode in party on and off with command: !safe on/off
  • New shop items added such as: Stamina refiller, double exp doll, server boost, fishing rod.
  • 5 new quests added, which 1 is under construction atm.
  • Charm system added, with several new unique charms.


  • 2 new spellkits has been added.
  • 8 new spells has been added.
  • Team task system has been added.(You will recieve silver task tokens by doing these.)(Bosses are inactive until next patch)
  • Team task shop has been added.(Here you can buy unique items with golden task tokens(100x silver tokens)
  • New firestorm event, this one actually works and is improved being challenging instead of just randomly waiting.
  • Vocation PVP balance system added.
  • Utamo vita is now an on/off state, you use it as normal however.



We changed

  • Tier 3 attribute/Crystal of the almighty can now only be gained by Shroud(Team task shop)
  • Fishing rod is now set with 500x charges, after that it will dissapear.(A new can be crafted, bought by Shroud or in dono shop)
  • Lava fishing rod is now set with 1000x charges, after that it will be unuseable and needed to fix with lava fishing rod repair kit.(Can be crafted, bought by Shroud or in dono shop.)
  • Tree fisting rate is now increased by x3.
  • Players below level 250 cant attack rare, super-rare or epic monsters, they cannot enter hourly bosses either, this is done to prevent "exp cheating".
  • Crafting boxes loot chance are lowered.
  • Treasure chests loot chance are lowered by alot.
  • Treasure chests now contains ever more epic loot, can be found on our website at Tutorial.


We fixed

  • Fixed a bug where you lost your task and had to redo it. (Tasks started before this patch will however still be the same)
  • We can now reload spells ingame again with a special action that stops any players from spamming certain spells for x seconds.


Vocation notes

  • All vocations damage has been buffed again, mainly cause of the new pvp system, which will lower everyone's damage by a set percentage.



Thanks for playing. 
xoxo Gamefate Team

08.01.21 17:43:16
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