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Rough launch
by [Admin] wave and smile
[Admin] wave and smile
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Rough launch

So finally we've set a stable course of this season.
We endured several crashes and rollbacks early on and a lot of turbulence from several of the systems acting up. Sometimes not even several beta tests can help you out it seems.

We're online, the main things do work and a lot of hotfixes has been made through the stressful hours. We still have some things to walk through to get everything to a 100 but nothing so serious in my opinion.

We do recommend
Everyone that downloaded the custom client before 18/12 to redownload it again since it is throwing errors for you guys which you might or might not notice.

Until then
have a great season and keep an eye in discord and in the news for updates, planning of next season, etc

Goal of the week
Is to reach 50 active players online before 25/12, if we do we will reward everyone online in that moment with some free donate points.

Thanks to everyone for keeping your patience.
xoxo Gamefate Team

19.12.20 13:19:55
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